Abicalçados and ApexBrasil renew agreement of more than R$ 35 million for international promotion

The Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados) and the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil) signed, yesterday (3), the renewal of the agreement for the realization of Brazilian Footwear, a program of support for footwear exports maintained by the entities since the year 2000. The investment in commercial and image promotion actions abroad will be R$ 35.45 million for the biennium 2022-2023. Of this amount, R$ 18.95 million will come from the agency linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and R$ 16.5 million invested as a counterpart by Abicalçados and companies associated with Brazilian Footwear.

The CEO of Abicalçados, Haroldo Ferreira, stressed that the objective of the agreement is to leverage the exports of Brazilian footwear, indicating strategies for internationalization of companies of different maturity and aiming at expanding the presence or even insertion Brazilian Footwear's target markets (United States, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates and South Korea). "Today is an important day for Brazilian footwear exports. A day that we have repeated, every two years, for more than two decades, when we signed our first agreement with ApexBrasil creating the Brazilian Footwear program. In these years of partnership, we qualified and sprayed our exports, going from 99 destinations to more than 160”, mentioned the executive, pointing out that the renewal takes place at a time of resumption of footwear exports. Last year 123.6 million pairs were exported, 32% more than in 2020, a higher number than that recorded before the pandemic, in 2019 (by 7.4%). ”For 2022, our expectation is positive and will certainly be driven by the commercial and image promotion actions that will be carried out by Brazilian Footwear," Ferreira projected.

Expressive return
The agreement was signed by the business director of ApexBrasil, Lucas Fiuza, who stressed the importance of Brazilian exports and the agency's support. According to him, for every Real invested in Brazilian Footwear between 2020 and 2021, R$ 168 returned in exports. Companies linked to the program accounted for more than 75% of the amounts generated with shipments last year (USD 679.8 million from USD 900.3 million). "The expressive result obtained from the exports of the companies participating in Brazilian Footwear is due to the partnership and cooperation between the private initiative, Abicalçados, and ApexBrasil, which trusts the potential of the Brazilian industry and its commitment to make a product of excellence that suits the international market while complying with best practices for the environment,” he said.

The signing of the agreement, held in the late afternoon of the 3rd, took place after a schedule of visits to footwear industries in the region of Vale do Sinos and Paranhana, in Rio Grande do Sul. On the occasion, leaders of Abicalçados and ApexBrasil visited the production units of Beira Rio, in Novo Hamburgo/RS, Arezzo, in Campo Bom/RS, and Bibi, in Parobé/RS.