Brazilian footwear manufacturers present their collections in the largest fashion platform in the world

The largest B2B (business to business) e-commerce platform on the planet, Joor (, partnered with the Brazilian Footwear to promote the trading of Brazilian shoes across borders. As of February 11, the joint initiative between the U.S. giant and the footwear exports promotion program developed by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) goes live with the Brazilian brands Pegada, Petite Jolie, Schutz, Piccadilly, Byara, Paula Torres, Ammabile, Smidt Shoes, Cecconello, Vizzano, Stephanie Classic, Anatomic Shoes, and Luiza Barcelos.

Ruisa Scheffel, an analyst of Abicalçados' Trade Promotion Unit, points out that the platform is a unique opportunity for Brazilian brands to appear alongside major international brands in the most varied segments and to be in contact with more than 200 thousand qualified buyers from 144 countries, especially from the United States. "Over 40% of those registered are from the United States, the world's largest footwear market and historically the main destination for our shoes abroad,” the analyst explains. She notes that many of the major U.S. players even require the presence of the exporter in Joor's platform to conduct negotiations. "They see it as a safety mechanism, in addition to it being a way to bring down logistical costs," she says. 

Scheffel explains that in addition to Brazilian brands having their own space to hold meetings and even conduct negotiations through the platform during the initial duration of the project (February 11 to July 11), they will be able to participate in synchronized fashion actions, which will focus on England, Italy, China, Japan, and Canada, among others.

One of the brands engaged in the action is Vizzano, which belongs to Calçados Beira Rio. The company's Foreign Market manager, Michele Ponath, reveals that the objective of participating in the action with the Vizzano brand is the connection with new markets in which the brand is not yet present. “Vizzano is the brand we chose to kickstart this action, as it contemplates a mix of products that mainly dialogues with the fashion universe.  Consequently, buyers will also be introduced to the other brands by Calçados Beira Rio,” she foresees.

How it works
A page of the will be made available on Joor's website. It will feature profiles of the participating brands. Through it, they will be able to conduct business or even schedule meetings. The platform also features a tool that allows brands to search for buyers based on their interests in shoes, their geographic location, or even other competitors with which they already work. “There is the possibility of actively prospecting through the platform”, Scheffel stresses, noting that the participating brands thus have access to a tool that allows them to draw a strategic map of market penetration based on the desired players.

The brand profiles will be updated with the support of Joor itself and of the Brazilian Footwear, facilitating the operations of the companies.


About the Brazilian Footwear:
The Brazilian Footwear is an exports promotion program developed by Abicalçados in partnership with Apex-Brasil. The program aims to increase exports of Brazilian footwear brands through development, trade promotion, and image actions focusing on the international market.
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About Apex-Brasil:
The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and to attract foreign investment into strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To reach these goals, Apex-Brasil carries out diverse trade promotion actions that aim to promote exports and to value Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business networking meetings, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in important international fairs, and visits from foreign buyers and opinion formers to get to know the Brazilian manufacturing structure, among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen the Brazil brand.  
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