Brazilian shoemakers close over USD 25 million in deals at Micam Milano

After two years, the Brazilian shoemakers went back in person for the winter edition of Micam Milano. The reunion with international buyers drove the opening and maintenance of markets for green-yellow manufacturers. With the support of the Brazilian Footwear program, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (ApexBrasil), 37 brands participated in the 93rd edition of the Italian Fair, which began on the 13th and continued until the 15th, in Milan, Italy. Over these three days, the companies reported generating USD 25.8 million between deals made and lined up during the event.

In all, the 27 participating companies made 698 contacts. Of these, 360 were new. The manager of Brazilian Footwear and coordinator of Commercial Promotion at Abicalçados, Letícia Sperb Masselli, highlights the importance of Brazilian participation in another Micam. "The presence at an international fair cannot be measured only by orders and customers. The image and brand appreciation result is immeasurable. This relationship and this participation shows that the company remains solid and active in the market," says Letícia, mentioning that the 27 companies that participated representing 37 brands achieved important business results and new contacts. "And more than that, they have shown that they remain strong partners internationally.”

With novelties, the event had, in all, 1.4 thousand brands and the presence of more than 12 thousand buyers. Among the international delegations, the Brazilian one was the fifth in number of exhibitors. "Brazil is a friendly country with which we work and we are pleased to host the production of Brazilian footwear at the Italian fair,” said Micam Milano's President Siro Badon, recalling that sustainability was at the center of the event. This year, Micam promoted the Green Zone space, which presented products from 20 sustainable brands from the main markets in the world.

One of the Brazilian companies selected was Piccadilly. ”We have received several customers who came to visit us because they saw the product. The visibility in this area was very good,” says trader Raphael David, saying that the final results were above initial expectations. “We have received many customers, some who are already our customers and others new. In the three days, we received the visit of about 40 countries,” he says.

Democrata's exports manager, Anderson Melo, emphasizes the importance of returning to the face-to-face fairs. "Showing the product physically, its differentials, the materials are very important in the footwear sector. We received customers and also opened new markets, " Melo points out, citing that the fair had the presence of many Arab buyers, from Eastern Europe and North Africa.

With one visit after another, Jorge Bischoff's export manager, Henrique Galhego, kept important customers and opened new markets. "The biggest challenge was the event's date change. From this, we sought to anticipate and develop a new summer collection to anticipate the supply of stores and markets,” says Galhego, who was even surprised by the opening of some markets, such as Kuwait.

With the support of Brazilian Footwear, the brands Activitta, Adrun, Alex Senne, Ammabile, Anatomic Shoes, Andine, Arezzo, Awana, Beira Rio Conforto, Bibi, BR Sport, Capelli Rossi, Carrano, Cecconello, Democrata, Itapuã, Jorge Bischoff, Levecomfort, Loucos&Santos, Madeira Brasil, Modare Ultra Conforto, Moema, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Opananken Antistress, Pampili, Pegada, Piccadilly, Santa Lolla, Sapatoterapia, Savelli, Tabita, Usaflex, Verofatto, Vizzano and Wirth participated in the Italian fair.

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