Differentials qualify footwear exports

With its first shipments in the late 1960s, Brazilian footwear exports reached a level of excellence and today are present in over 170 countries. Last year, there were 123.6 million pairs shipped, 32% higher than in 2020 and 7.3% higher than in 2019, a pre-pandemic year. The result is significant and demonstrates the international strength of the Brazilian footwear industry, today the main one outside Asia and the fifth in the world in number of pairs produced: more than 800 million per year. Differentials such as productive flexibility - shipping of smaller batches, according to the importer's need, negotiation facilities, credibility, quality of materials used –, attributes of sustainability and fashion are some of the reasons listed by buyers from all over the world regarding the choice of Brazilian products. ”Today, Brazilian footwear is the object of desire in the main markets, especially in Latin America, where we have, in addition to recognized quality and credibility, an important cultural similarity", comments the executive president of the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados), Haroldo Ferreira. According to Ferreira, the current international position of Brazilian footwear was not conquered by chance, it was with a lot of the manufacturers; "perspiration and inspiration", who since 2000 have the support of Brazilian Footwear, a program to promote footwear exports maintained by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (ApexBrasil). Within the framework of the program are supported and held, every year, fairs, business rounds, image promotion
actions and personalized actions.

According to Abicalçados report, 74% of the value generated from footwear exports in 2021 were through shipments from companies supported by Brazilian Footwear.

Beira Rio: tradition and sustainability
One of the largest and most traditional footwear industries in Brazil, Beira Rio and its eight brands (Actvitta, Modare Ultraconforto, Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Vizzano and Br Sport) are recognized in 95 countries. Founded in 1975, in Igrejinha/RS, the company took its first steps in the international market in the mid-1980s. It was from there that, according to the commercial and Marketing Director of the company, Maribel Silva, “the company gained room in the market, invested in the service of its customers and in the research process of the fashion areas, highlighting its products in the best shop windows in Brazil and the world, consecrating itself as the ‘new footwear industry’”.

Currently with a production of more than 400 thousand pairs per day, of which it exports more than 18%, especially to Latin American markets, Beira Rio stands out in important attributes for exports. According to Maribel, they are referentials in the international market, the possibility of research of origin of the materials used, sustainability - recognized at the maximum level in the Sustainable Origin, the only sustainability certification program of the footwear production chain at an international level – and the quality of the materials used. "Brazil we have one of the most complete supply chains in the world and that values transparency, innovation and technology, certainly a differential before the main international competitors", evaluates the director.

Associated with Brazilian Footwear since 2003, Beira Rio sees the fundamental support for the increase and qualification of its shipments. "From a financial point of view, the support offered by Brazilian Footwear to associates, in business rounds and international fairs, enables participation, making it frequent and linear in the global calendar, optimizing investments and bringing customers closer together", Maribel points out, adding, also, the fashion editorials distributed for international press and the digital platform, which generates customer traffic to the company's websites and which evolve into new businesses.

Andacco: their own tannery as differential
Founded in 1979, Andacco, from São Sebastião do Paraíso / MG, has a strong presence in the international market. In addition to quality, one of the differentials that grant competitiveness to the company is the fact that, in 1988, it started producing its own leathers. In addition to the guaranteed quality of the material, the manufacturer managed to reduce the costs of its shoes. "Today, 98% of our leathers are our own. The fact helps us to have greater agility and flexibility, with the possibility of shipping smaller batches. In addition, we have lower costs in the production process”, lists the director of the company, Benevenuto Arantes.

With a production of more than 4 thousand pairs per day, of which it exports more than 50%, especially to the United States and European countries, Andacco has been associated with Brazilian Footwear since 2008. According to Arantes, the program has a fundamental role in increasing the company's shipments. "Currently, we actively participate in digital rounds and international shoe fairs, in which we have achieved important results,” says the businessman.

Pampili: putting shoes on the little ones in the world
Founded almost 35 years ago, Pampili is another successful case when it comes to export. The children's fashion brand for girls, based in Birigui / SP, is recognized worldwide as one of the most beloved brands in the Brazilian children's industry. With an estimated production of more than 15 thousand pairs per day, of which it exports 10% to more than 40 countries, the company highlights the fact of having an “exporting culture”. "So we can easily adapt to the specific demands of each region, for products and experiences with the brand"; says the manufacturer's CCO, Diego Colli.

To maintain and increase success across borders, Pampili has had the support of Brazilian Footwear since the first agreement, in 2000. "The program has always supported us in the main world events of the sector, contributing so that we could compete equally in the global market", evaluates Colli.

With most of the materials and inputs purchased in the Brazilian market, Colli points out that the national production chain is an important differential, both for domestic and international market supply. “We believe that the complete supply chain being in Brazil definitely puts us at a global advantage against the scenario of scarcity of resources, added to the international logistics crisis, effects of the pandemic that currently affects all continents”, concludes the CCO.

Savelli: export in DNA
The foreign market is not only for traditional and large companies. One proof is the success of Savelli, from Franca / SP. Founded in 2005 and restructured in 2010, when it began to adopt a professionalized management and focused on quality and care with human resources, the manufacturer produces 1.1 thousand pairs of men's leather shoes and women's leather loafers daily.

With almost 70% of production focused on the international market, the company's export manager, Bruna Pini, highlights that the brand has “export in its DNA”. According to her, some differentials explain Savelli's success in the international market: service, product prepared for export, diversification, punctual delivery, quality and exclusivity, productive flexibility and sustainability. In addition, the selection of raw materials is another relevant differential for good results across borders. “You can't reduce the quality of the materials because it will impact the quality of our delivery. Our movement as a company is to take care so that this is always a priority. We have an intense and targeted work for this. We have a person dedicated to this function, who takes care of the selection of the leather while it has not yet received finishes. We take care to turn the skin into what the client needs,” says Bruna, pointing out that there are more than 30 reviewers from the beginning to the end of the process.

Associated with Brazilian Footwear since 2010, Bruna evaluates the partnership as fundamental to the construction of the brand internationally. “We have access to some actions that we would not have without the partnership, we have visibility, support, clarification and networking”, he comments, highlighting participations in digital marketing announcements, international fairs, showrooms and at Vogue Brazilian Footwear.

Suzana Santos: lasting relationship
With a production of 15 thousand daily pairs of Suzana Santos, Azilê and Renata Mello brands, of which 10% goes abroad, Suzana Santos, founded in 1995, in São João Batista/SC, values the close relationship with international buyers. 

According to the director of the company, Suzana Santos, this relationship gives credibility to the negotiations. "The long-standing relationship with customers enables a relationship of trust and consistency in orders, and helps in attracting new customers", she points out, highlighting that the company is always investing in national and international fairs, prospecting trips and service, seeking to understand the needs of the customer to be able to offer differentials for international markets. 

Acting with the incentives of Brazilian Footwear since 2011, the company participates in the fairs Micam, Expo Riva Schuh and FN Platform, as well as digital rounds promoted by the program. "The support – from Brazilian Footwear – is very important both in terms of support and in the subsidy for the actions", assesses Suzana.

Carrano: quality, design and technology as differentials
Carrano, a brand produced by Henrich, from Dois Irmãos / RS, bets on quality, differentiated design and technology to conquer the international market. Exporting more than 55% of the pairs produced to over 80 countries, especially to the United States, Italy, Colombia and Panama, the company has a productive dynamic that values product design and assertive commercial strategies. "By 2023, the goal is to export 60% of the total produced,” reveals the company's export manager, Fernando Galhego. To meet the goal, the support of Brazilian Footwear, a program to which Carrano has been associated since 2007, will be fundamental.

According to Galhego there is an expectation regarding the results of international fairs, the product most used by the company under the program. “We have good expectations for the coming years, especially with the return to the North American and European market. The volume of new and inactive customers returning to Brazil was unseen for 15 years. It is a cheer for the sector", says the manager.

About Brazilian Footwear:
Brazilian Footwear is an export incentive program developed by Abicalçados in partnership with Apex-Brasil. This program aims to increase exports of Brazilian footwear brands through development, commercial promotion and image actions aimed at the international market. See more: |

About ApexBrazil:
The Brazilian agency for the promotion of exports and investments (ApexBrazil) acts to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To achieve these objectives, Apex-Brasil carries out diversified commercial promotion actions aimed at promoting exports and valuing Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and commercial missions, Business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, visits by foreign buyers and opinion makers to get to know the Brazilian production structure among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen the Brazil brand. See more: