Five distinguishing features of Brazilian footwear manufacturers in private-label production

The Brazilian footwear industry is an excellent option to manufacture shoes with the customer's brand. We listed five distinguishing features of the Brazilian product for exports:

1 - Complete cluster
Brazil has a complete cluster, with access to quality raw material. The country features a diversified production of footwear parts, such as leather, metals, fabrics, and packaging.  "We have a quality, innovative, and creative supply chain, with modern manufacturing plants and highly trained teams," says Juliana Behrend, sales manager of Calçados Status.  It is an entire manufacturing sector organized to supply the production of quality shoes.

2 - Tradition
Brazilian shoes have been exported for over fifty years. All these years of experience ensure knowledge and security. Leading brands have already manufactured and still manufacture their shoes in Brazil, such as Calvin Klein, Neiman Marcus, Rebecca Minkoff, Gucci, Nine West, JC Penney, and Sears, among many others. Brazilian companies operate selling to several countries, with important participation in international fairs and events.

3 - Technology in manufacturing
Many export-oriented companies specialize in shoes with high value added and invest in constant technological modernization. According to Gustavo Berteli, of the trading company GB Footwear, the company selects manufacturers with new equipment, laser cutting machines, high-precision stitching, and assembly to their customers, in addition to digitizing the entire pattern making process. Jussara Kischner, of Satryani, also highlights that the production works focusing on the pillars of environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability.

4 - Skilled labor
Brazilian professionals are experienced and technically trained, counting on excellent schools and institutes for their training and improvement, both for professionals working in production lines and for stylists and pattern cutters. At GB Footwear, according to Gustavo Berteli, manufacturers that supply to its customers are encouraged to focus on constant training of professionals, with updates regarding products and trends. At Calçados Status, the talents are acknowledged and kept at the company. "Making shoes is an art," Juliana Behrend values.

5 - Prompt, flexible service
The prompt, experienced service Brazilian companies provide to their international customers is an important distinguishing feature, advancing through several digital tools to give customers information in real time. Companies use their skills in the sales, IT, and development departments with high technology to create and present collections, says Jussara Kischner, of Satryani. Customers may follow the progress of each stage of the process of their orders, says Gustavo Berteli, of GB Footwear.  "Communication is direct and quick, giving customers confidence", according to Juliana Behrend, of Calçados Status.

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