Footwear exports continue to increase

Data prepared by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) indicate that  footwear exports continue to increase. In the ten month of the year, 12.85 million pairs were shipped, generating USD 93.96 million, increases of 23.3% and 69.6%, respectively, compared to the corresponding month of 2020. It is the first month of 2021 in which increases in volume and revenue were registered in relation to the pre-pandemic period, in 2019 (of 15.9% in volume and 7.2% in dollars). Thus, in the ten months of the year, exports totaled 99 million pairs, generating USD 712.4 million, increases of 32.2% in volume and 30.7% in revenue in relation to the same period last year. In comparison with the result for the same period in 2019, footwear exports are 2.7% higher in volume and 13.2% lower in dollars. Also according to the report prepared by Abicalçados, the pre-pandemic level of Brazilian footwear exports has already been surpassed in 95 destination countries.


Abicalçados' executive president, Haroldo Ferreira, points out that October was the best month in 2021 for Brazilian footwear exports. Another relevant fact, according to him, is that the growth was motivated by leather shoes, with increases of 6.5% in dollars and 15.9% in volume compared to October 2019, increasing its share in the export basket. “They are shoes with greater value added; when their share in shipments increases, they generate expressive results,” he mentions.


During the period, the main destination of Brazilian shoes abroad is still the United States. Between January and October, 11.75 million pairs were shipped to that country for USD 177.6 million, increases of 51.5% in volume and 50.4% in revenue in comparison with the first ten months last year.


The second destination in 2021 is Argentina. During the period, 10.76 million pairs were exported to the neighboring country, generating USD 92.4 million, increases of 71.5% in volume and 53.69% in revenue compared to the corresponding period of 2020.


France was the third destination of Brazilian shoes abroad in 2021. In the ten months, the French imported 6.17 million pairs, for which USD 50.3 million were paid, increases of 10.3% in volume and 9.7% in revenue compared to the same period last year.



The state of Rio Grande do Sul is still the main footwear exporter in Brazil. Between January and October, more than 25.7 million pairs were shipped from factories in the state, generating USD 317 million, increases of 43.4% in volume and29.8% in revenue compared to the same period last year.


The second exporter is Ceará. In the ten months, factories in the state sent 30 million pairs abroad. They generated USD 166.8 million, increases of 18.4% and 22.5%, respectively, compared to the same period of 2020.


The third largest exporter during the period was the state of São Paulo, from where 6.82 million were shipped, generating USD 75 million, increases of 28.7% in volume and 35.4% in revenue in relation to the same ten months last year.