Footwear exports continue to rise

Data prepared by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) indicates that, between January and May, shoe exports totaled 64.24 million pairs, which generated US$ 538.72 million, increases of 30.3% in volume and 66.5% in revenue related to the same period last year. Considering only the month of May, shipments totaled 10.5 million pairs, which generated US$ 104 million, increases of 19.8% and 59.5%, respectively, compared to month five of 2021.

The chief executive of Abicalçados, Haroldo Ferreira, points out that the increase in exports to the United States continues to be decisive for positive performance. Between January and May, Brazilian footwear companies shipped 10 million pairs, which generated US$ 146.3 million, increasing both in volume (+87.2%) and in revenue (+108.6%) compared to the same period last year. "Footwear exports to the United States, by volume, are already almost 80% higher than those carried out in the same period of 2019, in the pre-pandemic", he says.

According to the executive, they also positively influence exports to South America, which are 30% above pre-pandemic levels. “There are macroeconomic and even political factors that have been influencing the results. In the political factor, highlight goes to the trade war between the United States and China, which ended up overcharging Chinese footwear imported by American buyers. In the macroeconomic context, we highlight the increase in freight from Asia, which has led buyers to seek geographically closer suppliers. In this case, as we are the largest industry outside Asia, we appear as a relevant player”, evaluates Ferreira.

The second destination for Brazilian footwear in the first five months of the year was Argentina, where 6.82 million pairs were shipped, which generated US$ 74.62 million, increases of 64% and 93.7%, respectively, compared
to the same interval of 2021.

In third place is France, which in the period imported 4 million pairs for US$ 29.4 million, up 31% in volume and 25.2% in revenue compared to the same five months last year.

Rio Grande do Sul remains the largest footwear exporter in Brazil. Accounting for more than 45% of the value generated by shipments, between January and May the Gaucho factories shipped 18.17 million pairs, which generated US$ 246 million, increments of 53.7% and 80%, respectively, before the same interval of 2021.

The second largest exporter in 2022 is Ceara, from which 19.67 million pairs departed for US$ 120.9 million, up 25.3% and 47.4%, respectively. 

The following were Sao Paulo (4.13 million pairs and US$ 53.48 million, up 19.6% and 48.7%, respectively) and Paraiba (10.3 million pairs and US$ 34.67 million, down 1% in volume and 43% increase in revenue).