Italian digital fair generates USD 1.5 mi for Brazilian brands

The Micam Milano Digital Show, an Italian fair that took place between March 8th and May 8th, was a success for the 17 participating Brazilian footwear brands. According to the report of the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados), over USD 1.5 million in business was generated, adding those carried out and lined up in the event, almost three times more than in the past Micam Digital. The green and yellow participation took place with the support of Brazilian Footwear, a program to promote the export of footwear maintained by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil). 

The Commercial Promotion analyst of Abicalçados, Paola Pontin, highlights that there were over 64 thousand pairs of shoes marketed during the event, highlighting purchases made by large importers from the United States, France, Italy, Russia, England, Germany, Colombia, among others. ”In total, contacts were generated with more than 30 countries, a more effective and higher demand than recorded in the previous event," Paola evaluates, noting that both consumers and brands are increasingly using digital platforms to conduct negotiations. "Physical events were hampered in the most critical period of the pandemic and with this digital ones proliferated. There are advantages of time optimization and logistics costs that have been attracting more and more companies to this business modality,” explains the analyst, pointing out that Brazilian Footwear will support several actions of this type throughout 2021. A survey conducted by Abicalçados reveals that more than 70% of companies will continue to participate in digital actions even after the resumption of physical events.  

Andacco's export manager, Leandro Oliveira, points out that the brand's experience was considered a commercial success. "Given the impossibility of having physical fairs, digital events are tools to be able to be in contact with customers in times of social isolation”, he evaluates, pointing out that the business was carried out with customers from the United States, Russia, Italy and India, all important players in the international footwear market. 
Also pleased with the participation, The Commercial Manager of Ferrucci, Leonardo Lachtermacher, points out the opening of new and important customers during the event. "Orders were on the hook and are already arriving at the factory," he celebrates. According to him, another relevant fact was the high demand for own-brand products. "Customers were looking for our brand," adds the manager. 

Pampili, Opananken, Pegada, West Coast, Cravo&Canela, Andacco, Dumond, Capodarte, Malu Super Comfort, Vizzano, Modare Ultraconforto, Activitta, Ghetz, Ferrucci, La Femme, Plugt and Marrie Josefine participated in the event with the support of Brazilian Footwear.

The footwear sector, which saw its exports shrink 18.6% in 2020 (to 93.8 million pairs), because of the new coronavirus pandemics, expects a gradual resumption throughout 2021. The expectation is for an average growth of 13%.