January exports are the highest since April 2020

Although with a decrease in relation to January 2020, footwear exports in the first month of the year indicate an improvement in the indexes since April last year. Last month, 9.73 million pairs were shipped, generating USD 60.93 million, increases of 5% in pairs and 2.1% in values in relation to the immediately previous month. However, there were decreases of 22.2% in volume and 33.2% in revenues in relation to the same month last year.

The executive president of the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), Haroldo Ferreira, points out that the decrease in relation to January of last year is explained by the fact that the impact of the pandemic of the new coronavirus in exports had not yet been registered in that month of 2020. "The basis for comparison is very high for the standards we have adopted since the advance of the pandemic, which began in March. Thus, in the next two months, we will likely still register values ​​lower than those of 2020,” the leader projects. Conversely, the executive maintains the expectation of growth starting in the first quarter, ending the year 2021 with a performance 14.9% better than last year.  “There is a recovery in progress”, he stresses.

The main destination of the first month of the year was the United States, to where 950 thousand pairs were shipped for USD 13.36 million, decreases of 18.8% in volume and 30.8% in revenues in relation to the same month of 2020. The second destination was France, to where 508 thousand pairs were exported for USD 4.82 million, decreases of 35.5% and 27.8%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. The third destination of the month was Argentina, which registered 516.77 thousand pairs and USD 3.8 million, an increase of 15.8% in volume and a decrease of 20.6% in revenue in relation to the first month of last year.

Imports are the highest since April, in volume
Just like exports, January imports reached the highest level since last April, even though they decreased both in volume (-28%) and revenues (-47%) in relation to January 2020. In relation to December 2020, the increase was 43.8%. During the period, 1.98 million pairs were shipped, for which USD 21.8 million were paid. “There is a trend towards an increase in footwear imports, especially from Asian countries, as the Brazilian domestic market recovers,” says Ferreira. 

In footwear parts – uppers, soles, heels, insoles, etc. – imports in the first month totaled USD 2 million, a decrease of 11% in relation to the same period of 2020.  The main origins were Paraguay, China, and Vietnam.