More than 30 companies in the footwear industry are committed to charitable campaigns

The Brazilian footwear industry has been greatly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic in Brazil and across the world, with its economic and social impacts. Its efforts have been going into social responsibility during this difficult moment. Since the beginning of the stoppage caused by COVID-19 in Brazil, the movement #passosdobem [#StepsForGood] has already mapped actions of more than 30 companies, totaling donations of over 840 thousand protective masks, 250 thousand caps, 250 thousand white coats and aprons, 35 thousand pairs of shoes, thousands of liters of hand sanitizer, several clothing articles, and money donations corresponding to a percentage of sales to charitable organizations and families in need.

The executive president of the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), Haroldo Ferreira, highlights that this is an important moment to work for the benefit of society. "The mobilization of the industry is a kind of social accountability for Brazil, a country that will certainly be stronger and more human after the difficult moment we have been going through," he mentions. The movement has been helping to raise awareness among more footwear companies, inspiring different actions throughout Brazil.

One of the largest footwear manufacturers in Brazil, Grendene announced the manufacture and donation of 250 thousand kits with white coats, caps, shoe covers, and face masks to organizations and public hospitals across the country. The company's Investor relations director, Luiz Antônio Moroni, stresses that the initiative aims to have a positive impact in this moment of economic and social crisis.   "We work every day to exert a positive social impact and we understand that this commitment must be reaffirmed at this moment," he said, highlighting that the company was supported by partner companies Lineforme Termoformados and Plásticos Itália to enable the donations. "We deeply respect and admire healthcare professionals and we hope that with this initiative we can contribute for them to keep doing this essential job," Moroni concludes.

Vulcabras Azaleia is another giant footwear company committed to the movement. It manufactured and donated 400 thousand masks and 3 thousand pairs of shoes to Brazilian hospitals.  "We studied and thoroughly discussed what could be done to help people given the adverse scenario we have been facing and we understand that supporting our community, as we have always done, would be the most coherent, effective thing to do”, says Pedro Bartelle, the company's CEO. 

In the children's segment, Kidy also contributed.  The company directed its footwear production to the development of protective masks during this time of decreased orders. The donations exceeded 95 thousand items for healthcare agencies, nursing homes, and the police department. Ricardo Gracia, director and shareholder, points out that people had no job prospects during this period, and the company worked to bring them back to work to manufacture the masks. "We had to adjust the factory. With this change, in addition to being able to keep employees' jobs, we ended up creating jobs and having a positive social impact in two ways,” says Gracia.


Check out the actions mapped so far:

Manufactured and donated 25 thousand masks and provided 10 thousand sneakers

Manufactured and donated 250 thousand kits with white coats, caps, shoe covers, and face masks

Manufactured and donated 400 thousand masks and 3 thousand pairs of shoes to hospitals

Donated pairs of shoes to Hospital Regina, from the city of Novo Hamburgo (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul), and over 130 thousand clothing pieces to healthcare professionals and people in need

Manufactured and donated 4 thousand masks to institutions that assist the elderly 

Grupo Dass
Manufactured and donated 35 thousand masks and 450 white coats to hospitals and ambulatory care facilities

Manufactured and donated 95 thousand masks for the social fund of the city of Birigui (in the state of São Paulo) and region

Donated safety shoes to the public hospital of the city of Novo Hamburgo (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul)

Donated R$ 50 thousand in sneakers to public hospitals

St. Louise
Gave 10% of its sales to purchase hand sanitizer to the nursing home of the city of Ji-paraná (in the state of Rondônia)

Manufactured and donated thousands of masks and hundreds of white coats to the Health fund of the city of Birigui (in the state of São Paulo)

Donated masks and one thousand shoes to children in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul 

Donated over 50 thousand masks to hospitals

Manufactured and donated 10 thousand surgical masks to hospitals in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia

Canadá EPI
Donated R$ 140 thousand in waterproof shoes that were developed for hospital workers and follow the guidelines established by NR 32

Donated 6% of the sales of a product created during the pandemic 

Malu Calçados
Donated 734 pairs of shoes to healthcare professionals from the cities of São Leopoldo, Ivoti, and Lindolfo Collor, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

Luz da Lua
Donated over one thousand masks

Manufactured and donated 1.6 thousand masks and one thousand pairs of shoes to healthcare professionals

Donated one thousand masks and will donate shoes to healthcare professionals

Calçados Jacob
Manufactured and donated 4 thousand masks

Beira Rio
Donated protective masks and shoes to healthcare professionals working in the public healthcare system in all cities of its 11 manufacturing units

The employee association of the footwear company Wirth donated a total of 100 PFF2 masks to Hospital São José, from the city of Dois Irmãos (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul)

Has been manufacturing aprons for healthcare professionals

Manufactured and donated 150 face shields, two thousand disposable masks, and 2.5 thousand reusable masks to the city government of Picada Café (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul)

Pesh has been giving 20% of the revenues with sales to families in need

Donated one thousand masks to the Sanitary Surveillance and Health Department of the city of Parobé (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul)

Bischoff Group
Donated 20 thousand masks to charitable and healthcare organizations