Trade fair circuit in the United States should generate US$ 4.7 million for shoemakers

The fair circuit in the United States, conducted through Brazilian Footwear, a program to support footwear exports maintained by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnersh...

The fair circuit in the United States, conducted through Brazilian Footwear, a program to support footwear exports maintained by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) should generate over US$ 4.7 million for the supported brands. The amount is in Abicalçados' report and includes participation in the Magic Las Vegas (February 13th to 15th), Atlanta Shoe Market (February 17th and 19th) and Magic NY (February 20th and 22nd) fairs.

At the Magic Las Vegas and Magic NY fairs, 206 contacts were made, 186 of them unprecedented, and generated US$ 706 thousand with on-site sales. With the sales that were agreed upon at the events, the business expectation exceeds US$ 2.8 million. One of the companies pleased with the participation in Magic Las Vegas is Klin. "Attending the fair was an incredible experience. In the opportunity, we were able to connect with professionals from all over the world and share products and experiences in the largest footwear market in the world. We have made new and important contacts that will certainly generate new business for the company", highlights Camila Chamoun, international manager of the company. In addition to Klin, the brands Actvitta, Beira Rio, BR Sport, Carrano, Cartago, Cristina Sabatini New York, Ipanema, Lavish by Trica Milaneze, Melissa, Modare Ultraconforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Vizzano and We R Brand participated in Magic Las Vegas. At Magic NY, Brazil was represented by the Carrano brand.

The third national participation took place at the Atlanta Shoe Market, where 208 contacts were made, 86 of them unprecedented. In the opportunity, US$ 571.7 thousand were generated, an amount that surpasses US$ 1.8 million if added the expectations with businesses that were agreed upon at the event. "Atlanta exceeded our expectations. Our space was incredible and we were able to open new customers in the United States and Central America”, evaluates the financial and logistics manager of Cocco Miami, Paulo Rech Filho. Participating for the first time in the North American Fair, Itapuã highlights the importance of the local market for the company's international strategy. "The Atlanta Shoe Market is one of the fastest growing fairs in the United States and, within our strategy, it was important for us to be here. We've had great contacts and closed deals at the fair”, comments the company's export manager, Charles Werb. In addition to Cocco Miami and Itapuã, the brands Actvitta, Beira Rio, Bottero, BR Sport, Carrano, Cartago Kids, Cartago, Cocco New York, Ipanema Kids, Ipanema, Melissa, Mini Melissa, Modare Ultraconforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, New Face, Pegada, Quick Shoes, Schutz, Usaflex, Vicenza and Vizzano participated in the Atlanta Fair.

The main market for Brazilian footwear exports, the United States is considered strategic for Brazilian Footwear. Last year, the United States imported almost 2.5 billion pairs, with a growth of more than 3% in the post-pandemic. Many of these imports, however, are from Asia. "Frequent participation in local fairs, more than business, aims to create a connection with that market, positioning Brazil as an international supplier of quality footwear and produced in accordance with the ESG concept, the latter an important differential in relation to Asian production”, explains Abicalçados project manager, Letícia Sperb Masselli.


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